BroTools For Maya

BroTools is a collection of tools for Maya from the author of BroDynamics plugin.
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Complete Bundle

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Animator-friendly simulation tool for Maya, allowing animators to quickly and easily add overlaps, spring and drag motion. Works with any rig.

Animation Toolbox

A growing collection of useful tools for animators! Includes reparent (with dynamic pivot!), micro rigs, snapping, tracking and animation tranfer, copying and restoring transforms in world or local space, GIF playblast generator and more!

Universal IK FK Switcher

Got a rig that's missing IK-FK switching? This tool can help you quickly set it up! Features manual and automatic switching based on current selection!

Control Mesh Creator

This script replaces control curves with mesh-based controls. They follow the original mesh, and are invisible to the animator, who can simply click on the part of the mesh to select a control. Similar to Pixar's Presto software approach.


An assortment of different useful tools that did not make it's way into other bundles. Advanced renamers, selection helpers, mocap retargeter, and more.


There are 2 ways to purchase tools - as part of a complete bundle or individually. There are also 2 payments options - subscription and lifetime purchase.

To view pricing, please, click on Purchase buttons of tools in question. This will open Gumroad overlay with additional description of each tool as well as pricing options.

Download Options

There are 2 download options for BroTools - net install and bundled.

Net install only comes with the core of BroTools. Once you activate your license it will let you select which tools you wish to download and install and latest versions of all required files will be downloaded. This is the recommended option.

Bundled versions are available for each bundle and come with all files required for them to work out of the box, not requiring internet connection for initial installation. This is recommended if you have a slow or very limited internet connection.

Bundled version download links are sent to all customers via email upon purchase.